RCS Business Messaging

What is RCS Business Messaging?

RCS Business Messaging is the evolution of mobile messaging, increasing and improving the ways in which people and businesses communicate. It provides brands with the opportunity to increase their engagement with customers by making use of business messaging using chatbots and artificial intelligence (AI).

User adoption is simple and straightforward. There is no longer a need to download multiple apps; instead, users gain direct access to a range of brands and services from within the messaging app itself, allowing them to engage with virtual assistants to book flights, buy clothes, make restaurant reservations and more.

How will you benefit from RCS Business Messaging?

RCS Business Messaging is an opportunity for operators to reshape and revitalise their messaging services and play a central role in the future of IP-based messaging.

RCS Business Messaging provides the opportunity for operators to grow revenue by enhancing their business to offer new capabilities and shares in the revenue generated by new business paradigms such as AI, chatbots and in-chat search.

9 Key Principles for RCS Business Messaging

The following nine principles are essential to ensuring trust in RCS Business Messaging as the communications platform of choice.