MaaP API Specifications

Chatbot API Specifications

The GSMA is developing a common API specification for MaaP RCS features which will facilitate communication and integration across chatbot platforms. Platform providers should include these common APIs within the series of APIs they make available to the chatbot developers within their community. In addition to these common APIs, platform providers may provide proprietary API features such as payment, registration and advertising.

What are the benefits of Chatbot APIs?

  • Better engagement with chatbot developers
  • Reduced development and test effort while working on different chatbot platforms
  • A baseline for the new chatbot platform initiatives

MNO to Partner API Specifications

To simplify the integration between MNOs and chatbot platforms, the GSMA is developing a series of MNO to Partner API specifications. These APIs will drastically reduce the integration and testing time normally required as part of a network to network interface (NNI). Currently, NNI requires extensive telecom knowhow to implement the integration and the implementation timeframe often exceeds six months.

What are the benefits of MNO to Partner APIs?

  • A simpler integration alternative to NNI
  • Faster integration and testing for chatbot platforms
  • Accessible to aggregators and chatbot platforms

What’s the next step?

The GSMA is currently developing these vital specifications and will release them by December this year. Sign up for the Future Networks newsletter to ensure you are notified when the specifications become available.