Licensing & Guidelines

Licensing and Guidelines

Using the HD Voice+ logo

The GMSA HD Voice and HD Voice+ logo licensing program enables a uniform industry message on the enhanced voice quality of terminals and networks featuring super-wideband voice communication. HD Voice and HD Voice+ offers twice the audio frequency bandwidth of HD Voice and HD Voice+, made possible through the use of 3GPP’s Enhanced Voice Services (EVS) codec. Improved voice quality, better resiliency to adverse network conditions, better intelligibility, and improved network capacity can be expected with the new system. GSMA HD Voice+ licensing program requires compliance to minimum performance requirements, including proper interoperability with existing HD Voice and HD Voice+ systems.

Using HD Voice logo

The HD Voice logo is a  universally recognised symbols that identifies HD voice-enabled services and devices, across both mobile and fixed networks, including:

  • Mobile networks and/or terminals with GSM/UMTS;
  • Mobile networks and/or terminals with CDMA2000;
  • Mobile networks and/or terminals with LTE;
  • Fixed terminals with support of CAT-iq; and
  • Companies that provide complementing services, e.g. testing.

Examples of promotional activites

Step 1: Find out more about becoming a licensee

Many operators and network vendors are already using the logo to promote their crystal-clear HD Voice and HD Voice+ service. To find out more about using the logo and becoming a licensee, go to HD Voice + logo usage guidelines and FAQs

NB.  Your organisation does not need to be a member of the GSMA, to sign either the HD Voice+ Logo or Marketing License agreement.

Step 2: Select the relevant license agreement

To use the HD Voice and HD Voice+ logo, please review the relevant minimum requirements.
The HD Voice and HD Voice+ logo (self) certification of a mobile network, mobile phone or DECT phone can be made considering the respective minimum requirements captured in the latest HD voice technical annex versions:

Step 3: Sign and return the license agreement

Please return the signed license agreement to our corporate counsel. On receipt of the signed soft copy of the license agreement, the logo artwork files will be emailed to you.

Further information

For marketing-related enquiries, please email HD voice. For press and media-related enquiries, please contact Gareth Davies.