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Managing Spectrum to enable affordable mobile services for all

Our mission is to ensure spectrum is managed in a fair, transparent and predictable way with minimal delay to maximise the benefits for all.

Mobile networks have been shown to be the fastest and most affordable way of connecting people to voice and data services all over the world, and mobile cannot exist without the foundation of spectrum.

This doesn’t happen automatically. Spectrum should be made available in a fair, transparent and predictable way. If this is done over the long term, mobile operators can feel safe to make investments, which, in turn, can lead to massive benefits for the whole of society. Timely and efficient spectrum auctions are central to the continued development of mobile services. Regulators should also issue long-term licences, with the presumption of renewals, to foster large scale investments in mobile networks.

It is also essential that spectrum prices are not excessive in order to drive the necessary network investment to provide excellent service coverage and capacity. Reasonable spectrum prices encourage participation in competitive auctions resulting in a competitive marketplace. Regulators can help by setting reasonable auction reserve prices and annual spectrum fees, designing fair auctions and not artificially restricting supply.

The technology enhancements made by the industry to support faster wireless services is helping to support the rising tide of data. But technology alone can only take us so far, so more bandwidth through the release of identified spectrum is crucial. This makes spectrum management a vital task for governments. Because when spectrum is made available in a fair and reasonable manner to the services that will makes the best use of it, the socio-economic benefits are profound.

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